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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post

Buying that one you got already settup like that sure saves a lotta work and money.
i wish. i can't leave well enough alone though... took the beast for a good shakedown ride in the twisties on saturday. clutch slips, parts are already on order. the engine was rebuilt to stock, jetting is close to stock, i think previous owner actually leaned out the main a bit. i did a couple plug chops and things looked okay, but there were a couple moments where i heard some detonation rattle. according to los hermanos Klemm, who have to be THE brain trust on these engines, that is kind of par for the course with these bikes and what passes for gas these days.

aaanyway, the expansion chamber hits pretty bad when you try to go around any corner that isn't a left hand corner. and the bike has no discernible hit. grunty, easy to ride, mellow and fun. feels almost like a four stroke. the itchy part of me wants to pull the top end off, send it to Klemm for some porting and squish mods, then cut the rotary valve, then weld up a proper chamber, then get a slightly bigger carb and jet it for angry riding, then shave a bunch of eight off the flywheel. all of which will probably make it a whole lot faster but also less reliable, and will considerably unweight my bank account.

for now, i'll ride it as it is. it's quirky and fun, and not likely to make me try and do anything heroic. and i need a runner for the time being. at least until the RD moneypit gets finished...
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