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Left Side Photos

Originally Posted by Mtl_Biker View Post
SOMA Man, thanks for the photos!

But you didn't happen to get some shots of the LEFT side as well, did you?

I've installed a Stebel Nautilus Compact air horn on the left side where the original horn was and I don't think it would fit if I installed that bracket.

If I understand correctly, on the left side you had to remove the stock horn (and bolt) as well as the bolt above it, and then bolt it back together with the horn back in place. I would have loved to see some photos showing how much space the bracket takes there. I know the bracket is flat where the bolts go, and that it then goes to being round. The question is for how far does it remain flat?

I was so pleased with my horn installation and I don't think there is any other place it might fit. I'd hate to have to break apart the horn to separate the compressor from the horn part as that's really quite a big job.
I hope these are okay. I took them with my crappy iPhone this morning, before heading to work. Yes, I had to remove the stock bolts/horn and then bolt it back together with the horn back in place. The bottom picture (not a great photo) may help shed some light on how far it remains flat. It remains relatively flat until the point where the upper support of bracket attaches to the tubular section. However, if you look at the fourth photo, you can tell the the tubes are angled slightly outward. I can take some measurements if it would be helpful. I'll see if I can snap a better photo when I get home from work. I wish that I could be more helpful, but I have not seen a Stebel Nautilus in person, although I was considering installing one at some point. Perhaps there is still enough room to mount it on the outside of the light mounting bracket or get creative with some spacers, if applicable?

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