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Red Bull won't discipline Vettel. They never have, and he has disobeyed team orders on several occasions in the past.

Usually, it's when he has the lead late in a race and they tell him to dial it back (sound familiar?) Vettel ignores them and pushes his equipment so he can set fast lap on light fuel tanks.

Helmut Marko, whose power I don't quite understand, protects the boy. Vettel has turned into a spoiled child. He's never held accountable for his actions.

So is it any surprise that when he's told to not touch the piece of candy on the table, he immediately stuffs it in his face? He doesn't believe has has to obey orders because he never has and he's never been spanked for it.

Nothing will change. I'd be astonished if Red Bull sit him. Too much is at stake and he's too well protected. This will be one more compromise that Horner has to live with. But his arrogant and dismissive radio comment about Webber, and his theft of the race from a trusting teammate, have revealed the stain on his character.

ps Typical that Mercedes have their best finish since they bought Brawn, and Lauda is causing trouble. All the whispers about him were true. He should be celebrating, instead he's busy undermining Ross Brawn.

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