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Originally Posted by deejay_xr View Post
Does this mean 'main shaft, 3rd gear' & 'countershaft, 2nd gear' ?

I'm pretty sure you're supposed to swap the gears as a pair when you replace one, because although the other gear of the pair may not look damaged, it may already have some abnormal wear from rubbing on a damaged gear.
An analogy would be replacing your sprockets and not your chain.

I am not sure just HOW crucial this is though, depends on how badly the bad gears are worn too of course ....
Yep, good pickup deejay. I'm actually getting another three gears from Steve, these two were just ones that he didn't have any spares OEM Honda it is. You would think they're made of gold for the price, 1 new gear = 2 cartons of quality beer.

Thats a lot of beer I'm missing out on . Luckily Steve is saving me money with the other gears!

Thanks man,

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