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Originally Posted by g®eg View Post

Great picture !
The only real question is will the student eventually surpass the master !

Maybe I watched a different race but around lap 28 Vettel started to mention how slow Webber was. Then after losing time behind Webber, Vettel got stuck in traffic after the next round of pit stops. He then had to pass Hamilton and another car... to get back into second. At his first attempt out of the pits to pass Webber Horner mentioned that Seb was being silly! Nerver said don't pass your slower teammate, stay behind Webber or anyting to that effect. Rus Brawn was pretty clear with Nico...

I also don't think it would be a good idea for Horner to say back me or sack me because I believe Webber is right about one thing: Seb is protected ! And rightfully so, he gets the job done. 3 DWC's, 27 race wins and numerous poles.

If anyone should be sat down for a race it should be Horner for not getting Seb through eairlier! Keeping Seb behind Webber is not in the best interest of Red Bull Racing! It is piss poor leadership !

If I am wrong and Horner and the team sit Seb down... Great, Vettel can take his ass to Ferrari next year and spank Red Bull Racing and Alonso too !

Vettel is the heart and soul of Red Bull Racing ! Like it or not, Vettel is also the hottest driver at the moment and will probably be so for a while. Get used to it !

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