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Thanks for the info. Thought about upgrading to a modern suspension setup, but quickly discarded that idea in favor of a straight restoration. Too close to original stock and all in one piece. I'll go over the upper end closely to ensure no problems in the piston/cylindar/rings area first and possibly get it running. After that I'll reduce it to bare frame and restore from there. Couldn't believe how light it felt loading it into the truck. I'm sure it will be a blast to ride, even if just up and down the back roads and light trails. I think my track days might be a ways back behind me now.

Picked up a Hodaka Combat Wombat at the same time/place, but the "boys" had tinkered some. The head/cylindar/piston had been removed, but all the parts were foiund.

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I have two of them sitting in my basement. What you have there, is arguably the most valuable Bultaco out there. Even a nice example Metralla can sell less than the Bandidos. Take care with how you restore it. They aren't really worth restoring to ride. It's a track bike, not really a woods bike. If you plan on actually taking it to the track, you'd be better suited with the power band of a Pursang.
They're honestly just collectors bikes or nice little investments. I'm still in the air as to what I'm doing with mine.
The power on that engine is unbelievable. It's the same engine they used in their factory road racers (the TSS), sans the water cooled head.
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