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Originally Posted by WildAnCrazymtl View Post
Maybe I watched a different race but around lap 28 Vettel started to mention how slow Webber was. Then after losing time behind Webber, Vettel got stuck in traffic after the next round of pit stops. He then had to pass Hamilton and another car... to get back into second.
At that time, Webber was under team orders to save his tires. It was the same order to save tires that Vettel later decided to ignore.

Originally Posted by WildAnCrazymtl View Post
At his first attempt out of the pits to pass Webber Horner mentioned that Seb was being silly! Nerver said don't pass your slower teammate, stay behind Webber or anyting to that effect. Rus Brawn was pretty clear with Nico...
Remember, there's a substantial delay on when we hear the radio transmissions -- perhaps as much as a full lap.

Also, Red Bull clearly gave an order not to pass. Listen to the video of the driver's waiting area when Webber and Vettel meet.

First words out of Webber's mouth? "Multi 21". Apparently that's Red Bull's team order for dialing back the engine and staying in position.

ps If Vettel ever goes to Ferrari, he'll find out who really runs things. And it's not a driver. You'll notice how Alonso has been on his best behavior since driving the red cars.

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