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Originally Posted by Bake View Post
Delete all the damn mega threads. Enough is enough, an end has to be put to this.
Sub forum questions about bikes the son of a bitch doesn't even own.
And just delete threads that are clearly a bunch of crap. " can I put 1979 Yz125 forks on my DR? My cousin bent the DR forks when he crashed into a culvert, and my uncle has these primo forks behind his barn"
Plus, just ban a dumbass for doing something stupid like that. All these threads explaining how to swap an oil seal from onemodel KTM to it's distant relative- stupid idiots! who gives a fuck you scrounge for o-rings? You need to tell the whole world about the dime you made? Ban him. Or give him access to the KLR's only.

...speaking of useless posts inside a thread.
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