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Originally Posted by buzybraza View Post
YES! Unfortunately! In a world without dignity, honor or anything good, it is all that matters! Sad but true!

The guy already has 3 crowns and he will become more and more like Michael Schumacher as time goes by. I don't see this as a bad thing!

Greed, disrespect, betrayal, arrogance, etc....
Viva Vettel! Lets step on everyone to get that 4th crown! Not the way I see things ...
Unfortunately that is the way the world works, large corperations and big government has been screwing the little guy for years to retain power and get rich ! I don't like it, but I can't do anything about it! I've tried bitching and complaining but it has'nt worked well for me so far!

Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
It's difficult to rate drivers, because equipment is so important. True!

But right now I'd rate Vettel as 3rd best. I'd put Alonso and Hamilton ahead of him.

Vettel has never had a bad car. I can't see him doing what Alonso did with last year's dog of a Ferrari.
Seriously... 3rd best... really... come on man! I get you don't like Vettel and that's ok... But those two cry babies, come on man! I never liked Senna but the man could drive!

As for what Alonso did last year in the Ferrari... He did not win, even I can do that
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