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Originally Posted by bumbeen View Post
Holy crap haha. I posted in the other BRC thread but I suppose this is more appropriate. I was planning on having my girlfriend take the course, but I think I'm just going to teach her myself.
Yeah, no potential for extra stress on your relationship there.

I think I remember the BRC well enough to teach her everything and I have a little booklet that has all the range exercises.
Well, that's OK then- have at 'er!

It's not just that you may, or may not, remember what they were coaching you. RiderCoaches will (should) know how to coach people with different learning styles. They'll also know what to coach that you may not have needed coaching on, and to what standard of skill someone should be coached. And, of course, not being you, the g/f is less likely to have the additional stress because it's you doing the coaching.

Over 17 drops, that is just crazy hahaha.
Shit happens. I haven't seen that, but I can easily envision a perfect storm of students, instructors, weather, and other mitigating factors that could get there.
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