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Originally Posted by bomber60015 View Post
While I would agree with your assessment, you know that a determined 10 year old can breech the security of damn near ANY bag, hard or soft, I trust.

The hard bags may offer an illustion of security, and it may slow down casual theives slightly more than a pac-safe protected soft bag would, slinging terms like secure as if they were absolutley is, perhaps, misleeading (Note Bene, I am not slagging anyone here, just pointing out an alternate view on the use of hard/soft bags).

For that matter, anyone could just steal the whole damn bike.

Locked hard cases are much more theft deterrent than soft bags. Period. Secure? Shit, I dunno. I have both, never lock anything, leave the keys in half the time, leave my helmet, tank bag, etc. I just don't ride my bike where it has to be 'secure', except when it's at home and then it's locked in a garage and the key is hidden.

The question was what bags he should get when he's already ordered Wolfman racks. Duh, that would be wolfman bags. already.
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