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SOMA Man, those photos are great! Thanks so much for posting them. Isn't the iPhone camera incredible?

Did you have to take the panel off to take the photos or was it already/still off? I hope you didn't have to go through a lot of trouble, but really it was very helpful.

I've ordered that BMW bracket, but now will have to find another solution to my Stebel horn. I don't want to give up the horn OR the bracket. SIGH

I suspect I'm going to have to do some major surgery on the Stebel horn and I don't look forward to that task. I've done it before on another bike I had and it wasn't fun. I'll see if the second time around will be any easier. What I'm thinking of doing is separating the compressor from the horn/trumpet part and then placing the compressor somewhere else and the trumpet where the original horn was (if it fits). I would connect the two with a length of silicone tubing. On one bike I had, the compressor was way at the back under the cover by the brake light and the horn/trumpet was under the front fender. Quite a length of tubing involved but there was no noticeable delay when blowing the horn.

If you're interested in seeing what my current horn installation looks like, here's the thread:

Thanks again!

Originally Posted by SOMA Man View Post
I hope these are okay. I took them with my crappy iPhone this morning, before heading to work. Yes, I had to remove the stock bolts/horn and then bolt it back together with the horn back in place. The bottom picture (not a great photo) may help shed some light on how far it remains flat. It remains relatively flat until the point where the upper support of bracket attaches to the tubular section. However, if you look at the fourth photo, you can tell the the tubes are angled slightly outward. I can take some measurements if it would be helpful. I'll see if I can snap a better photo when I get home from work. I wish that I could be more helpful, but I have not seen a Stebel Nautilus in person, although I was considering installing one at some point. Perhaps there is still enough room to mount it on the outside of the light mounting bracket or get creative with some spacers, if applicable?
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