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This. OK, she knows, in theory, how a manual transmission works. That doesn't always translate to doing the same on a bike, with completely different appendages, and some differences in usage. (In a car, it's always been "get off the clutch ASAP", in a BRC, there are exercises where controlled slipping of the clutch is expected.)

We (warning, rebel state thinking here) look at students as having mental whiteboards. When you first teach them something, they write it really big; as time goes on, they re-write it smaller, making room for something else. You can't give them too much at once- the whiteboard gets full. You can't give them too much in a day- they get tired of "writing".

Twelve hours at once is too much "writing"; most students are done before half of that. They've stopped "writing" and are just "remembering" what they learn- it'll never make it to the whiteboard for longer term retention.

I don't know what state the OP is in, but the way most states are set up, the state coordinator would be the office to talk to- and IMO, they just need to know, because that was BS... and it may not have been an isolated incident.
concur 100%. That's a great explanation about why the MSF wants range time limited to 5hrs per day. Many many of these people are just overwhelmed... trying to do both day ranges in 1 day is simply idiotic.

also agree, it may NOT be an isolated incident. The MSF has employees that actually visit sites (unannounced) to "spy" on Sponsors that have been reported for violations.

It's sad, but it's not too hard to come upon a Sponsor that isn't following the curriculum. For some Sponsors, it's about the money, not about the passion, unfortunately.

My bet would be that it went something like this:

"Look class, there's no way we'll be able to ride Sunday because of the weather. So we have a choice, we can reschedule, but we don't know how long that will take... could be months"

"Or we could just do all of the class tomorrow? It's not that bad! Waddya say?"

Basically, the class is being coerced, they don't have any idea what they're agreeing to. It never should have happened. Sounds like a Sponsor just being greedy imho.

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