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Originally Posted by Trane Francks View Post
I went to the Tokyo Motorcycle Show with my son yesterday and I had a chance to finally sit on a Sert. I gotta say that my 30" inseam is really stretchin' it for this bike. I'm comfortably on my tiptoes with the stock seat, but the scoop is not workin' for this kid. Which means that the high seat is a must. Not sure how well that'll work out.

All that said, I really liked how the bike felt with the notable exception of those rinky-dink little footpegs. WTH? Something wider would need to be bolted on ASAP before I'd feel happy standing up.
The best and cheapest option I found are the Long Distance footpegs with expanded rear from Touratech. If you are looking for stock peg to shifter/brake pedal distance than that is the one for you.
If you have small feet then the expanded front will work better I guess.
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