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In a highly tuned organization (any org, not just a racing team) that is focused on the win (or success in general), the boss's word needs to be gold and followed to a T. If there is dissension in the ranks, either of two outcomes need to be followed through on.

Sanction to the dissenting party (IE: Vettel is disciplined)


A Change in leadership needs to happen. (All leaders make mistakes, but the team still need to support those decisions. If the decision is so bad that the team members cannot possibly follow along, that leader needs to go).

This will not end well otherwise.

A lot of people are saying Vettel is showing his true champion form and taking the win for himself. F1 is a little different from other team sports, where all the winning glory really goes to one driver (As opposed to say a Super Bowl or Stanley Cup, where the team shares the glory). These drivers CANNOT win with out the functioning of the team and that includes the other team driver.

If Vettel gets away with this action (or Horner is not replaced... but my personal view is Vettel stabbed the whole team in the back, not just Webber, so Vettel needs to be reeled in pronto), does that mean anything goes between team mates moving forward?

I just see it now... Similar scenario, but Webber saying "shag it" and taking them both out (with possible consequences on both drivers and the team's seasons).

Would make for entertainment though. :)
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