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Originally Posted by munsterlander View Post
Some day I hope he comes up with a locking version.
I've actually thought about it and the original drawing DID include a locking option but I never did pursue it. I may just have to reconsider the locking option though.

The biggest problem I see with this is that people are going to ask all kinds of stuff like "how secure is it", "can someone still steal it" and so on and of course, anything can be stolen and I just don't want people getting the Helmet Hook with some kind of locking option, thinking it'll be secure.

I never did set out to make a helmet LOCK.

When I bought my bike and I was at Cyclegear one day, I pointed out I didn't have anywhere to hang the helmet that was practical. The sales guy brought out a helmet lock and he started putting it on my engine guards but as soon as I started putting the helmet there, I realized I didn't like it for two reasons.

First, I do NOT like my helmet touching something hard because it forces me to be very careful when hanging it and second, I didn't like the idea of having to UNLOCK it just to hang the helmet there.

Mind you, this has nothing to do with your request, I'm just sharing my thoughts here :)
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