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Originally Posted by FredRydr View Post
Ohlins technicians in Hendersonville said on the phone today that there is no problem lowering the Ohlins forks in the front, except that there is insufficient latitude in the F800GS rear suspension for a shorter strut and spring, and still use the bike as intended.

Meanwhile, BMW comes out with a low suspension version of the F800GS for 2013. What gives? Was the 2013 frame changed to allow for more travel to lower the bike and not shorten the shock?

They just use a shorter spring, I think what Ohlin's is referring to is that lowering the fork sliders in the clamps does not change the travel but changing the shock or spring does.
I know that Touratech's extreme shock does have height adjust but it is independent of travel so you do not lose the off road capability.
For what it is worth I did the BMW Performance center enduro skills training and the only guy riding an F700GS spent the most time on the ground and really had the worse time navigating both the sand pit and the gravel pit, the skid plate literally bottomed out in front of me in the sand pit.
I was one of 2 riders on an F800GS, all other were on R1200G's and I went thru both with out any issues.

as to your question on the 2013 F800GS frame/swingarm it is the same as the F700GS, and should not have changed much vs. the 2009-12
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