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Could be the fuel pump again....

I hate to say this but you are describing EXACTLY how my bike acted when the fuel pump died. When you turn the key on does it prime for a few seconds? If not, start focusing there.

My pump took abpout 200 hundred miles to completely die, running rough, not idling and then finally backfiring a bit and then no start.

Halls has a better replacement pump and much cheaper as well.

Originally Posted by jrusto View Post
I just bought a 2008 610 from my brother. Took it on a 80 mile shake down before I bought it and all seemed fine. A week later took it out for a 15 minute run and again all seemed fine until I pulled back into the carport when the bike would not idle and killed. Started it again but it would not idle. Started it again and it back fired and would not start. Kind of went over some things but with out even an owners manual I did not know where to look. Talked with my brother and found that it would not start with him after running fine on a trip to Colorado. He changed the fuel pump and it started back up. He told me that the battery might be old so I put a new battery in.

After installing the new battery, I tried to start it again and after a turning over a bit it back fired and then started but again would not idle. It started a couple more times and now will not start. I am new to four strokes especially with EFI systems.

I am not a total novice in motorcycle repair having worked my way through college at the now defunct Husky Dealership in the early 60 as well as wrenching on my sons Motocross efforts for a few years.

Any ideas on where to start would be greatly appreciated
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