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I can not help with the route, however, take your time. Much more enjoyable. I like to get up early, have a coffee, and head out. Grab breakfast on the road. Then I prefer to stop early in the day, make my camp etc. That way i get the choicer accomodations, and can be ready for Happy hour. That also allows for some exploring locally, and gets rid of the dreaded "where we gonna stay tonight" syndrome. Makes for a much more relaxed trip. If you are camping, remember, "It's a backpacking trip, just on 2 wheels". That makes limitting the junk you carry easier.
Hope this helps.
oldman777, I grinned a bit as I read your post. I'm afraid it will be a challenge keeping the "junk" she wants to bring with at a "backpacking" standard. Good point on taking our time and finding a spot to crash at early, will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks!!
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