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Originally Posted by HoneyBunz View Post
Vettel did not hurt his team. Red Bull finished 1-2. It doesn't get any better than that.

Rosberg's situation was the same. His team would still finish 3-4 if he passed Hamilton.

So any arguments about constructor money are null and void.

Horner and Brawn both made bad calls. They deserve to have bad orders questioned. Both were trying to cover their ass from risky decisions they had made, at the expense of others.

Perhaps there is a place for team orders in the final races of the season.

Vettel and Rosberg had valid points of view and deserved more trust than they were afforded. They were discounted and the sport suffered because of it.

After the race, the top 4 drivers looked like they were attending a funeral.
For me, that's 20-20 hindsight.

At the time, both teams -- staffed by incredibly intelligent, successful, experienced men -- looked at the evidence and both made the identical call call. Don't push.

Tires were in danger of falling off a cliff. Fuel levels were low. It's early in the season and engines and transmissions need to be preserved.

Wiser men than you and I came to the same conclusion. Two drivers -- both of them less intelligent, less experienced and less aware of the big picture -- did what drivers do. They wanted to advance. Perfectly natural.

One driver was a professional and did what he was told, even though he wanted to push.

The other driver betrayed his teammate's trust, betrayed his team's trust, put his car and his season at risk and went for the win knowing his teammate was forced to fight with one arm tied behind his back.

That's greedy, dishonorable and acting like a spoiled child.

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