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Originally Posted by fiep View Post
change of topic:

can someone please be so kind and explain the YZ-fork swap?
did read 50 pages in this thread and got totally puzzled
with all the approaches and people removing their ABS
the link to some kit did not work

I would like different forks
because mine made that ugly klonking sound,
the local dealer said they did not know what was wrong,
but when they reassembed, the klonk was gone
and I am not happy with that

so please help me with a "fork swap for dummies"
yes, I would like to keep the ABS working

ok. basically .. go to e-bay and buy this shit.

when you get it it in the mail it will be all haggard and crappy. so, send them to HOH in oklahoma. spend around 500 or so. replace bearings in the hub, replace the pads, disc yadda yadda. shit wont fit right so you will have to cut plastic. ditch the 17" rear rim , replace with an 18", throw your abs in the trash. order non abs brake line and just like that easy as pie you are finished. ... well maybe not as easy as pie. . at least you had me to be the Sertao guinea pig trust me if you do this you will be like "holy shit this is awesome, its a completely different machine!"

prepare to spend a lot of money and plenty of garage time.
you should probably consider just sending your forks off to HOH and having them revalved and resprung. call and talk to them. they really know what they are doing. probably the cheapest and easiest way to get better offroad performance is to send your forks to HOH get them resprung and revalved, send your rear rim off to woody's and have an 18" rear rim laced to the stock hub.... then dont touch it.

just my 2 cents.... but that will never be as good as a full front end swap

you can see more pictures of the build by going here:

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