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The 24 hr rule....

....At work we always tried to balance keeping the boss informed with not panicking, so we would keep bad news "under investigation" for 24 hrs before sharing any detail. Lots of things fixed themselves or went away in that time.

Turns out I may have over-reacted about my little clutch issue. After consulting with Greg, I yanked off the rear tire just to see better, pulled out the inner and outer body and the thrust bearing that goes between, and I could find nothing wrong....concensus seems to be that I had something off center at first and when I pried on the operating lever, it centered itself with alacrity. Either the operating arm to the outer body (most likely, as it had not been adjusted), or mebbe the cup inside the pressure plate. At any rate, I've got it adjusted now so it feels like a clutch, it may not be perfect, but I suspect it'll work now.

I do need to ask some other question(s)....went to talk to a painter today, seems pretty confident, talked me out of lining it with POR15, saying he always nickel plates the inside gas tank... so when I got home, I looked at the tank with a little closer eye, I have three questions I'd like some help with....

This pix clearly shows paint being attacked by the fuel, I'm pretty sure this was a repaint, not factory original, but still...Should this area under the gas cap be painted, coated with something that seals the edge of the paint and is more impervious to gasoline, mebbe left unpainted? And does this tell me that I need a new gasket on the gas cap? I think I'd like to understand before I cart things off to the painter.

2nd que. How do I get out the little round clips that hold the Moto Guzzi emblem to the side of the tank? Do I just assume they're gonna be replaced and mangle then to get them out?

3rd. There was all sorts of what looked like clear RTV above and around the petcock threads. They were not leaking to my knowledge, but that surprised me a bit. I didn't even think RTV would seal for gasoline. So is there a preferred sealant to use on the petcock threads? I don't wanna see any leaks on a nice looking (and expensive) paint job. Thanks, roy
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