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Another option is the harder to find KLR250 Super Sherpa.

6 speeds, stainless exhaust, electric start and a decent size gas tank. These are rare to find. When one comes up for sale it usually sells right away.

I've got a TW200. It will run 60 all day. It will 70 all day on flat ground with no wind, but it will be wound out all the way.

If you're going to stay on back roads and other sub 55mph places, the DR200 and TW200 will both work well. I prefer the fat tires on the TW200 myself. Fatter tires slow down steering response and on such short bikes as the DR200 and TW200 that's a good thing in my opinion. And then there is the fun factor..... I've got an R1200GS ADV and an R80 g/s. They are both great bikes and are terrific to ride, but the TW is just plane more fun to ride. I'm a little over 6 feet and 225 pounds and I still giggle like a school girl when I rode the T-Dub.

A couple of the guys on the TW forum did a Saddle Sore 1000 Iron Butt on them. 1,000 miles in 24 hours or less.

We're having a TW200 Rally in Townsend, TN the May 31st weekend. TurtlePalooza 2013! Come on by!
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