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Originally Posted by ROAD DAMAGE View Post
If you guys see some of these monkey pants in a 3XL Tall ............ get them for me. You know I'm "good for it".

Chabon, I'm enjoying the music. Really enjoyed the guitar duo a lot.

Mike, I noticed your hat a few pages back .............. Soy El Jefe, huh? Es verdad?

Over the last 30 years I've spent several months in many different parts of Mexico. I'm always amazed at the children. They are typically so well behaved, inquisitive, open, engaging, and very kind to, and respectful of, each other. Of course a lot of that charm disappears with the onset of puberty ............ but it's really nice while it lasts.

Nice job on the story and ride report amigos. Thank you so much!

The monkey pants were notable! The kids are always clean and friendly. No little beggars encountered on the whole trip. I think the economy is doing better, at least in the areas we were. No one looked like they were going without. No baggy pants, hats on sideways, rap music blaring, graffiti was almost non-existent. When I would tell people I was from Los Angeles (nearest big city) a lot of them had no idea where it was. When I proclaimed United States they had heard of that.
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