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2013-Tassie-XT-Tour-D1 continued.. .. .

We continued heading north around the western side of Douglas-Apsley National Park, this areas been on fire for the last couple of months:

20sec video along here, BIL looking like a competent adventure rider:

Heading down into Fingal... Damn stupid sheep! ... This lot ran for about a mile to the end of the road and out onto the hwy while we sat there watching and waiting for them to stop:

Then into Fingal for fuel, (235km on the route)... only to find the servo's closed on Sundays ...

Last year I put together a list of 24hour servos because the Dominator had a fairly poor range, from memory there was a 24hr unmanned place in Fingal, so we rode around for a while till we found it... Turns out you need a Caltas card, it doesn't accept credit cards:

This was a pain, I had planned to do a nice loop out through the Tower Hill, Evercreech, and Mt Nicholas forests out around Mathinna, but BILs bike only holds 15L, 300km is the safe max range... We had done about 230km since filling up, so the only option was to run 20km to St Marys and get fuel there, then double back and head up through Mt Nicholas...

20km later at St Marys we find there's no fuel there on a Sunday either .. Oh well, I wasn't keen on doing anymore tar miles to get fuel so I plotted a new route through the forests up over the Sisters, Upper Scamander, Skyline Rd, and down to St Helens, I was 100% sure we could get fuel there... It would be pushing Bil's fuel range, but I figured if he run out I could go get a can of fuel and return for him (I was going to carry a thin tube for a siphon so we could steal fuel from my bike if needed, but forgot to pack it)

Most the roads up through here are pretty good:

Scamander River:

At about 287km on the route we turned off Eastern Creek Rd to take an alternate route up to the end of Skyline Rd, I've been up here a couple of times before but not via this route, it was something different... (I love new roads)

It started out as a nice dirt road through a pine forest:

But it had a couple of short steep rocky hills:

No real problem, but this was a lot rougher and steeper than BIL has experienced before, and probably beyond his capabilities:

I got to the top and started to park the bike, I didn't expect BIL to make it up, figured I'd have to go help.... But to my surprise he made it!

3 min video up to the southern end of Skyline Rd: (288-289km on the route)

(This bit can be bypassed by following Eastern Creek Rd up to Skyline, where I turned off at 287km)

D-1 to be continued... .. .

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