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Key West used to have a sizeable, informal houseboat community called Houseboat Row. The current Houseboat Row at a marina is just a shadow of what it once was.

The whole subject of liveaboards is tough. A lot of marinas and towns don't encourage them. I kept my sailboat at a marina that had a large number of liveaboards and some houseboats but down the road at the "nicer" marina they would have had a fit if you spent more than a night on your own boat.

Because liveaboards usually don't pay taxes the towns aren't happy. When the hurricanes hit South Florida about 20 years ago Florida City and the other towns took the view that since folks had lost their boats and the docks were gone that they didn't exist and refused any aid whatsoever to the victims of the hurricane. Likewise when a storm hit Key West the authorities used the opportunity to remove all the Houseboat Row homes from the channel and restrict them to a small marina.

I kinda came into the RV thang because I admired the liveaboards but for my own tastes an RV has proven to be more practical.

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It's amazing how governments try to shoe horn a free citizen into their viewpoint. Live in a motor home , fine. Live aboard a boat? Bad.
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