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Originally Posted by Mark_S View Post
It seems that what is optimal for dirt (knobby front and milder rear) is the opposite of what you want on the seal.
I'm suggesting that it's not, because on the seal you want the front to let go first to low-side. And knobblies tend to let go slowly and recoverably - much more so than full street tyres.

Originally Posted by Mark_S View Post
Actually what I really fancy right now is a strop over Takaka hill and a cruise up to cobb dam and then around to anatori. Might come down after easter if I can swing it - would any of you Nelson sods be interested?.
Would love to join you but can't for a good few weekends.

I'm currently on a lap of the mainland, started Friday week ago with a ride to the Mussel Inn and back. Rest of the trip has been mostly driving the van & trailer. I get back on Thursday arvo and then Friday morning head off on the bike to the annual trip to Sandhills Creek (next one north of the Anatori) for the Easter caving camp. Always up for more riding out there though! I could be persuaded to be the support wagon for an overnight at Trilobite Hut (on the Cobb Reservoir) because I've wanted to take my boy out there for ages.

The weekend after Easter is a club trail ride, which I am using to dial in the EXC's suspension - picked up the re-valved forks from DAS Moto today, with quite a list of instructions to get the chassis sorted. The weekend after is Rnd 1 of the cross-country series.
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