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Originally Posted by flemsmith View Post
I do need to ask some other question(s)....went to talk to a painter today, seems pretty confident, talked me out of lining it with POR15, saying he always nickel plates the inside gas tank... so when I got home, I looked at the tank with a little closer eye, I have three questions I'd like some help with....

This pix clearly shows paint being attacked by the fuel, I'm pretty sure this was a repaint, not factory original, but still...Should this area under the gas cap be painted, coated with something that seals the edge of the paint and is more impervious to gasoline, mebbe left unpainted? And does this tell me that I need a new gasket on the gas cap? I think I'd like to understand before I cart things off to the painter.

2nd que. How do I get out the little round clips that hold the Moto Guzzi emblem to the side of the tank? Do I just assume they're gonna be replaced and mangle then to get them out?

3rd. There was all sorts of what looked like clear RTV above and around the petcock threads. They were not leaking to my knowledge, but that surprised me a bit. I didn't even think RTV would seal for gasoline. So is there a preferred sealant to use on the petcock threads? I don't wanna see any leaks on a nice looking (and expensive) paint job. Thanks, roy
Hi Roy,

The area where the gas cap seals should not be painted. Fuel will get under there and start bubbling up. Your painter should know where to mask for this. You may need a new gas cap gasket, but you do not want any place inside that tank to be able to wick fuel under the paint.

Electroplating the interior of the tank is a great way to go. Caswells and POR-15 have their place. But, if you can get the tank electroplated inside, that is a fantastic way to go.

Those emblems clips are a pain. If you don't have to remove them, don't. Just clean them up afterward and be done with it. The clips are tiny and I would not risk damaging them or where they fit just to remove them. If they fall out when you painter is working on things, oh well. Just replace with new, then. I had to "glue" one of my emblems on because the tiny clip would no longer stay in the tank.

You should not need any sealant on the petcock threads. Maybe some teflon plumbers tape, but that really should not be needed, either.

Hope this helps!


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