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Originally Posted by LJC View Post
You ever look at using a 690 tank, sub-frame? Seems like a natural on these builds.... spend y though.

The bike looks awesome
I considered it but there are too many potential run ins with fitment around the rear shock. Especially for that money. Plus I like that I can run the original bodywork. Trying very hard to not make this bike look like a rat and using factory parts is key as I am terrible at sheetmetal and fiberglass

Originally Posted by 4play View Post
I have rear suspension envy
Yeah well maybe if I told you how much I spent and how many hours I have worked on it maybe it would lose some luster I can honestly say it was probably not worth all this extra time. I should have explored using a link type rear end, I suspect that would have fit MUCH better and could have possibly eliminated the entire seatpan and tank mods which have been stunting progress here for months it seems. But I'm committed now so I need to follow through.

I have been playing with AutoCAD Inventor and I'm sure solidworks has a similar feature where you can model the suspension and linkage and see how it moves. I would find a linkage I liked with a swingarm that was a good strong candidate and carefully measure the link points in CAD. Then transfer the whole schebang over to a Ninja and use CAD to get it right. With the shock mounted vertically, and lower, I bet it would fit right in. Plus the Ninja has those two beefy frame spars that would be perfect to weld the shock tower to. Try it by using a YZ450 and report back...
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