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Originally Posted by ThumpnRed View Post
I got to picking at the wiring harness tonight. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, I had the whole mess unwrapped from the headlight back to the airbox. What a mess! Mr. Honda did a great job building bikes, but he needed to fire the meathead who designed their wiring harnesses. I managed to get the wires from the airbox up to the steering head rewrapped (in a brand new piece of that plastic accordion tubing shit) Now I have to sort out the mess behind the headlight. It doesn't help that there are several years worth of my splices and crap mixed in.
I just started in on cleaning up the harness. I started behind the headlight. since all my safeties are gone, the diode and all associated wiring are gone, rerouted some wires in the connectors and am in the process of wrapping it all up. I'll have some pics shortly. I know it still starts It better effing run

aftermarket headlight btw
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