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The previous Saturday I did a test-ride and I must say I am a bit confused. I will try explaining myself.

It seems an excellent bike. Very powerful, very comfortable riding position, great brakes, suspension, throttle and its delivery is very good. You could go riding it and stop only for fuel. But... I think the fun factor is hidden behind the traction control and all the electronic stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of technology and evolution and really loved the bike. But I would expect more thrills from 150hp beast. It seems that everyone, even a newbie, can handle the 150hp of the 1190. On the test ride all the electronics were set to street mode. The power was there, the acceleration was there but all these were delivered in a very safe way.

Perhaps it is my background to blame. I do not have a sport-touring-adventure background. My current bike is an aprilia tuono 2004 model.

Of all the people that have test ridden the 1190, does anyone have a similar feeling?
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