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Ambien is weird. The way it works is it blocks the receptors that are responsible for connecting conscious and unconscious part of the mind. If you do wake up or are interrupted during sleep you act like a freak zombie. Ive seen my wife wide awake walking around the house seemingly wide awake and in a dream state at the same time holding full detailed conversations with her dream. I threw it right in the garbage and after I told her what happened she mentioned that I had some very strange behavior while "sleeping" on ambien too. We have since found better ways to get a full nights sleep. Sucks to be in pain and some things cant be avoided or done when injured but the best thing to do is try to get tired with exercise or whatever does it for you, she reads, I read motorcycle forums. Right now Im passing a kidney stone and I wouldnt wish this pain on my worst enemy, tons of pain killers, trying not to nap all day and keeping busy so I sleep when Im supposed to with a good 5 or 6 hours straight have been working ok for me. Even with all the threads to read on here it doesnt keep me busy enough and I still find myself not getting the sleep I need. You guys need to post more stuff
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