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Originally Posted by David13 View Post
I never thought of making one for my 800.
However, I did, on a trip to Mexico, start thinking that I should learn how to make one for my 1200, as a lot of people said it would fail.
It did. Just moments after I was thinking about it.
The Twin FPC's don't fail nearly as much as the 1200's do and that's because of location. I posted it here somewhere. The FPC on the twins is under the seat and fairly protected. The 1200's are on top of the tank to the left of the ignition switch and well exposed to the elements. The cavity fills with water and crap which eventually gets past the o-ring on the FPC and fills the void under it causing shorting and failure. And the old silver FPC's were crap.

A lot of the older Twins have the silver controller (like mine) so as preventative maintenance, I check for water in that housing area and dry things off after a wash (meaning rain, it's a GS). Since most of the late model BMW's use the same controller, you might be able to troubleshoot by borrowing one from a sympathetic K, R, or F street bike owner.

Or build yourself a cable.
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