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Wow that sucks for the vintage cars. None of which have odometers and now not only do they have to find a way to rig one up, but also find a place to mount a roll chart holder.
All they have to do is resert the GPS odometer (or GPS trip meter or whaterver they call it in Lowrance terms) at the start of that Special, and use the GPS as their odometer. That's the way Ken verified all the roadbooks for three years, so they know it works fine.

Anyone with a navigator does not need a roadbook holder since the navigator can hold it in his hand, just like all other rally events do. For single-seater cars, a moto style roadbook holder will help. But a 6" piece of duct tape would get them by. Just tape the top edge of that section of the roadbook (about 8 pages maybe) to the dash, and rip each page off as you progress.

So, in the end, the worst is you have to learn how to display and reset your GPS odometer, and carry that piece of roadbook and a piece of duct tape along on that day.

I tried to tell everyone what was coming when I posted these two things a couple of weeks ago, but nobody caught on...
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...And for those in a single-seater vintage car, you might want to buy your roadbook holder and rally odometer now, before the USA supplies are depleted! It's hell trying to hold the roadbook in one hand and steer with the other! :
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Also, sometime before the race you'll come to know this web page if you haven't been there already:
New desert racing frontiers
It will be Devilish !
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