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If you cant get that bead to seat at max of 40psi- deflate , & spray-or add some soap solution to the entire bead of the tire, (murphy's oil soap works great and is non-corrosive) and try again. Its not necessary to use 60psi or more to seat the bead, and it could cause you some safety issues- like exploding the tire, and we dont want to see an inmate taking himself out with a tire explosion- Save the injuries for riding related mis-haps.

Note to LC8 ADV Owners: the SE has a 2.5" rim width which makes fitment of any 140/80-18 including the Motoz with in spec. Mounting a 140/80-18 on the 950/990ADV 4.25" rim width is very much out of spec.

I know there are some inmates that do this regularly, but keep in mind the sidewall profile of the MotoZ 140 mounted on the 4.25" wide ADV rim is stretched over 1.25" beyond engineered safe limit. Load and sidewall strength is compromised. The tire profile becomes quite square- (flat sidewall- flat tread contact) instead of a curved radius which affects on-road handling and off-road hook up. Yes its being done, but it doesn't make it particularly safe. I support anyone's choice to do as they wish, my comments are intended only to inform others that its "non-standard" and to do so at their own risk. I'm stepping off my soap box now.....
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