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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
Ken said there will be a map that shows all the places the course meets the highway (generally the start and finish of each Special). I was told the rules don't allow crew support ON the Specials, so you have to do that at the highway anyway. So, your crew plan should not be affected by the changes.
I guess we might have to change our plans a little, no biggie. Whose ever had a plan that worked in Baja anyway??
I talked Anna Cody into pitting for me (nice change) She and a couple friends were leaving a few days ahead of us to enjoy some Baja and set up at a predetermined location. Hopefully I can get the highway crossing locations ahead of time, if not, then we'll just adapt. This is the type of stuff that makes racing in Baja so dang interesting, flying by the seat of your pants stuff.
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