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Originally Posted by az45 View Post
I drive a single seater and have no room for 8 pages of the roadbook taped to my dash or the time to buy, install or learn how to use a roll chart.

If the bike guys want to use roll charts only, they should. I don't think there's a car racer that would see any benefit.
Roadbooks are not a "bike" thing. In a proper rally, everyone uses the roadbook, including all the cars.

I see a nice spot for the roadbook on the lower half of the dash above your right leg, hanging down onto your leg. It's not perfect, but I think it it would work fine in the one affected course section.

This isn't a typical Baja race. It's a rally. NORRA wants to differentiate themselves and their events from all the others. The rally format is growing in popularity, and NORRA seems to be leaning that way. It isn't about what makes navigation easy. It's actually somewhat the opposite. It's an added challenge. A move away from the "Wussification” of off-road racing, going back towards its roots. Now you have to THINK about where you're going, more along the lines of the original Mexican 1000, where the course wasn't marked, and there was no such thing as a GPS.
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