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Carb Rebuild and other fun things...

Prep work for the D100 is in high gear as we simulaneously prepare Luke's CBRZ-650 for its debut, as well as my TTR250 (decided to ride it in the D100, can't be borrowing a bike every time I want to ride), the SL350 for the Steel Stampede (same weekend as the MK1) and Motorhome as the OSR base vehicle for D100. Whew!

The list;

I work best off a list, whether at home or at work. I talk to Luke about using a list, but he keeps it all upstairs in his organic super computer.

I wanted to tackle the hardest jobs first, and since the furnace repair is now complete, it was time to turn my attention to the leaky old carb on the Minnie Winnie. Pulling the carb was an adventure in itself, almost an hour in tight quarters just to get it off. Once off the rig, I broke it down into subsections for pre-cleaning;

Subsections ready for deeper cleaning and rebuild;

Things were rolling right along until I got to the part where you are supposed to shear off the choke cover rivet heads (to be replaced by screws), realizing too late the the chisel action can break the choke mounting bosses. Luckily the damage was not too severe and jb weld provided the fix. Later I talked to an old Ford guy and he said he made this mistake (once), now he always grinds off the rivet heads. Lesson learned!

After this setback, everything got back on track, and all wear parts, gaskets, seals and floats were replaced. I also used a dremel and opened up the mixture screw areas on the secondaries, someone had already opened up the primaries.

Completed carb ready for installation;

Before dropping the carb back on, I went over every nut and bolt I could reach. The left valve cover bolts were finger tight and leaking oil, tightened those right up. Found and fixed a few other things, dropped the carb on and within a few hours she was purring like a kitten.

After a weekend of grunt work (we also had a shower faucet failure on Saturday and I dropped everything for a few hours to fix, cuz if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!), I needed to do something fun, so decided to clean all the dorky tourist decals off the back window and put some proper race decals in place;

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