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Originally Posted by Kropotkin View Post
Smith is about as fast as Bradl was last year at this stage. That's what I get from comparing the times. Given him half a season to get up to speed, and don't compare him with Marquez, who is a total alien.
If Smith is on par with Bradl last season a lot of people will be eating their words. Bradl was impressive last year, I would love to see Smith be the same. He seems pretty humble, happy to be there, and willing to learn.
Not a fan of Brits per say, but other than Crutchlow they are all humble, but confident. I really like Redding, and Kent. Crutchlow is likable for other reasons.
I reread this, I meant being a fan fo Brits because they are British, just like I don't root for Americans because they have the same passport as me.
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