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Originally Posted by cross-country View Post
If it was known, then why not just tell us? Why would they sit on the info until the last minute? I'm glad its in there, don't get me wrong, but why do it this way?
When I posted those hints, they were talking seriously about it, but the final decision had not been made. They always seem to be a bit late (in my opinion) getting the course set each year. Then again, it's a tough job so we're lucky it gets done at all. I think the secret course section was just finalized a few days ago. So they were not sure they would have the "roadbook only" part until now. And who knows how many more days before an official press release is made? You guys are getting an information jump on the competition already!

Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
Warning just a reminder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ICO rallys are set in KILOMETERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you must re set them to miles.....
in less the roadbooks are set up for both!!!
I'll try to remember to make the secret course section of the roadbook in both miles and kilometers. I normally do that in all my other roadbooks, but I don't recall if the NORRA stuff was that way. When I include both, the MILES will be the large number, and the KM will be tiny text below. It's a bit hard to read that, so you could always hand write the KM numbers larger while reviewing the roadbook the night before. But it's probably best to set your odometer for MILES so you're consistent with everyone else.

Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
Are the MC road books being printed on a roll?
or like last year?
Sorry, no rolls this year. Maybe next year.

They might make each day a separate booklet instead of one huge thing. Actually, if they are handing out the next day roadbook at the finish of each day, they HAVE to be separate.
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