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Unexpected twist

I ran into this problem...the info button was suddenly toggling odometer and trip meter settings instead of OBC settings (temp., fuel economy, etc.). The biggest aggravation was button #2 was not not resetting my trip meters (which I always do when I fuel up). What I came to learn (after owning the bike for 4 1/2 years) is that the OBC has an alternative button function which allows the use of the info button to record lap times (who uses the bike on a track?). At any rate I think I must have entered this alternative button function accidentally when resetting the clock (perhaps). I followed the spartan instructions in the manual to restore the original button function but it did not work with the ignition on and engine off. It was only after I got the idea to try the sequence with the engine running did the sequence work. The manual does not state that the engine must be running but in my case at least it did for it to work.

For anyone interested the sequence is: press buttons #1 and #2 simultaneously until FLASH appears; press button #2 until LAP appears; press button #1 until OFF appears; press and hold buttons #1 and #2 until display changes to save settings. Do this with engine running and it should restore buttons #1, #2, and INFO button to default factory settings.
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