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Originally Posted by Johnf3 View Post
Are you sure you ride a motorcycle? They are dangerous you know. Just making sure you are aware.
I think he makes a legitimate point. People may be doing it (I do) but that does not mean it's technically correct, and I appreciate the observation. And, simply because the KTM chose to use the Dunlop does not mean automatically the Motoz WILL work. As you pointed out yourself, different tires have different profiles.

I've emailed Motoz directly and asked specifically about this application, and will let theis thread know their response, if any.

Worth pointing out though- this is a direct quote from their website:

It's had an overhaul since 2007 and is now 1kg ligher, making it an excellent tyre for adventure bikes and big bore enduro bikes with a 2.5 inch rim used in off road applications.
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