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Originally Posted by beechum1 View Post
a wrong turn would be they are off the race course, and there were never be a need to go backwards on the race course.
If you miss a turn with a roll chart, you go back to the turn. If you have GPS, you could find another route or cut through to see the trail as it would be marked on your GPS.

Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
Dakar and may similar races work quite well with this format (stages, roadbooks, secret course, no GPS tracks).

How are you watching out for others while you're looking at the GPS screen? And how is it the GPS prevents missing turns, but a roadbook doesn't? You generally don't have to look at a roadbook as much as a GPS because the roadbook tells you how far you can go before the next turn (most of that in-between time not having to keep looking at the roadbook). With the GPS, you have to look a lot more often, unless you have the whole course memorized.

Rally racing is DIFFERENT from traditional Baja racing. It's a well proven concept. I know it's hard to learn a new trick, but most who put their heart into it actually like it more. Have an open mind and give it a try!

What???? Please explain this? Where there no real "races" before GPS came along? And in many places, a roadbook gives an advantage over a GPS.
I can glance at a GPS to see where I'm going. A road book requires looking at the symbols, then looking at the odometer.

There were lots of races before GPS, but the courses were marked or there was no course. This is not a tribute to Dakar or Rally racing, this is a tribute to off road desert racing.

Its not that I'm worried about my capabilities, its the fact you are trying to make it a bike Rally. The only thing "Rally" about NORRA is that there are stages. This is a Desert Race with stages.
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