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Originally Posted by HarveyMushman View Post
So Vettel's latest twat move has everyone at a froth. Drama! Intrigue! Whatever will be done?! I'm just tingling with excitement!

Of interest to no one, apparently, is the fact that the top 4 cars were coasting for the second half of the "race" and an actual on-track competition was deemed by two team managers to run counter to business considerations. How exciting.
Yeah, you're right. The same happens in IndyCar. And in NASCAR. I mean, I guess you could hate on all those series for the same reason. The cars are looking for the best equation, the best balance of fuel, tires and parts, that gets them to the end with the maximum haul of points that is realistically possible.

You know a lot more about motorsports than I ever will, you certainly know all this better than I do, so I guess I don't understand your beef.

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