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Originally Posted by az45 View Post
This is not a tribute to Dakar or Rally racing, this is a tribute to off road desert racing.

Its not that I'm worried about my capabilities, its the fact you are trying to make it a bike Rally. The only thing "Rally" about NORRA is that there are stages. This is a Desert Race with stages.
I'm not sure what "bike" has do do with this. The roadbook and secret course are just as much a car thing as a bike thing. It's just not a traditional North American off-road thing.

I know what some of the regular Baja guys want and think the race should be. And I know what some of the NORRA people think it should be. What you want and what they want are two different things. NORRA is trying to ease the traditional Baja crowd into a different type of off-road racing, one small step at a time. The main theme of the event is Vintage off-road. A secondary theme is Rally, which is why they use that word in describing the event. It's pretty clear now that they have tried it, the traditional baja crowd loves the somewhat relaxed multi-day stage aspect of rally. This year they will get a TINY taste of rally navigation.

I have yet to hear any of the American car or bike guys who have raced a roadbook event say they didn't love the navigation challenge. I hear plenty of negative comments from people who have never raced such an event.
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