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Originally Posted by Desert Skies View Post
I must be a hard ass, I'm still running the stock seat with an Airvent cushion. At 86K, it's starting to show some cracking around the edges so I was thinking of the Seat Concepts and recover it myself. Put one on my DR and it seems good enough.

I had some issues with my Goldwing stock seat so tried different seats, ended up with a bead rider on the OEM. Trouble with seats is, what is comfortable to one is pure posterior torture to another. The only thing our asses have in common is they are all cracked down the middle. To find the one for you, you must experiment and that takes time and money.

Taking someone else's recommendation on seats ranks right up there with asking what oil should I use.
There is some truth to that, but hearing what people like and why, combined with similar hights/weights and riding styles could help narrow the search.

BTW The SC seat is pretty good, and easy to install!

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