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Originally Posted by NordieBoy View Post

Been wanting to get out to Anatori to the sand dunes...

Originally Posted by Manakau.KTM View Post
Hi Mark

Your problem with choice probably reflects the constant compromise that we all are faced with. When I'm on the tarseal with the KTM, I would rather be on the Guzzi and when I hit gravel on the Guzzi I think of the KTM. Surprisingly the old seventies bikes with their narrow tyres handle gravel ok. Clip ons aren't helpful though.

I'll keep an eye on this thread and may join you down South if work doesn't get in the way.


would be great if you could join me Wayne - what would you bring? - the rockn'rolla or the paint shaker?

I haven't mentioned any of this to her indoors yet but I was vaguely thinking of a 4 day weekend - allowing 2 travel days and 2 fun days.

Originally Posted by NordieBoy View Post
Current forecast is for rain from Sunday through next Thursday.
I'll keep an eye on the forecast - I don't do rain unless there is no other alternative

Originally Posted by innathyzit View Post
Yes this sod is, got some nice smooth tyres I wanna try out on the takaka hill (over knobblies) and have never been to anatori.

If your back wasn't so fcuked we could take you on one of those stupid NADS rides, but only as a prospect at this stage so don't get your hopes up.
Going on a 'test back' trail ride on Friday. It would probably be ok if I didnt keep falling off all the time....

Anatori is a sweet ride

Originally Posted by NordieBoy View Post
Aorere Goldfields is (almost on the way)...
I think I'd need an mt21 front for that - I seem to recall some slippery clay downhills where I was merely the passenger last time...
(and James using his big to jump start a van...)

Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
i wouldn't mind doing Anatori again - it's a cool ride across all the causeways.

I may trailer trash with some some other mates with small dirtbikes & maybe see yous there.
Those causeways are really awesome to ride across - best part of that ride I think.

Originally Posted by Eddieb View Post
I had a sit on a 700X recently, it was quite comfortable but the tank/storage was quite wide above the knees so I'm not sure how it would be to stand up.

They did look look nice as a gravel road bike.

Would it be concerning that really you are riding a dressed up scooter?
I'm secure in my manhood - if I can ride a klr in public I can ride a scooter

Originally Posted by Box'a'bits View Post
What you got against scooters? I used to ride Mandy's Gilera Runner to the Kiwi. Passed a lot of bigger bikes in the Gravel going into the site...

MarkS, I was becoming concerned for a bit there that you would limit yourself away from the 42nd & other gems by focussing in on a road bike. Don't think a Bandit would be comfortable mid 42nd or Big River. Good to see things swinging back to ADV bikes
Its been an interesting process - in a way hurting my back has been a blessing in disguise as its forced me to get out on the klr again and I have had so much fun on those backroads in the Ashurst - Taihape - Wanganui triangle. Riding down the forgotten highway last Sunday was just the best riding ever - what a magic magic road

Talked to a nice couple at the Wanga pub who dont go further north than the pub because they don't want to ride their sport bikes on the 10km? of gravel - they miss out on the best part of the ride. They were also commenting on how poor the road surface was - I never noticed on the klr

Originally Posted by warewolf View Post
I'm suggesting that it's not, because on the seal you want the front to let go first to low-side. And knobblies tend to let go slowly and recoverably - much more so than full street tyres.

Would love to join you but can't for a good few weekends.

I'm currently on a lap of the mainland, started Friday week ago with a ride to the Mussel Inn and back. Rest of the trip has been mostly driving the van & trailer. I get back on Thursday arvo and then Friday morning head off on the bike to the annual trip to Sandhills Creek (next one north of the Anatori) for the Easter caving camp. Always up for more riding out there though! I could be persuaded to be the support wagon for an overnight at Trilobite Hut (on the Cobb Reservoir) because I've wanted to take my boy out there for ages.

The weekend after Easter is a club trail ride, which I am using to dial in the EXC's suspension - picked up the re-valved forks from DAS Moto today, with quite a list of instructions to get the chassis sorted. The weekend after is Rnd 1 of the cross-country series.
At least you aren't suffering from boredom....
I'll prolly stick the new mt21 front I have sitting in the shed on at least that will give me a few more off road options. I need another front wheel so I can have a roady tire already mounted.

Well last night I rode another bandit (2007 1250 mint 25km $6k) it needed a new rear tire and the 'flat' bit in the middle of the wide 180/55 really really destroyed its handling - other than that it was a sweet bike and a bargain at $6k.

I also rode a 2003 955 tiger which was a bit tatty and had done 50km - the motor/gearbox were sweet and it felt very much like a klr with the engine it really needed. Once underway the extra weight disappears and the front brakes were great - pity the front tire went flat before I had a chance to go more than a few km.

I'd need to ride another one or two but its a definite contender

Its been a really interesting exercise trying all these bikes - really forced me to think hard about what I really want as opposed to what I think I want.

I'm really happy with the klr ergo's/comfort/handling/size/luggage capacity etc its really just the recent reliability (which may just be an expensive bad patch - which can be fixed with moola or a newer klr), brakes (which I think I can fix with a bigger disc etc) and the engine (which I can improve but it will never be an engine that I look forward to using).


These are the best days
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