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Originally Posted by az45 View Post
If you miss a turn with a roll chart, you go back to the turn. If you have GPS, you could find another route or cut through to see the trail as it would be marked on your GPS]

That's right GPS is great for cutting the course you should know where you're going by your roadbook
Quit! making excuses for you lazy ass Car guys!!
I've raced many events on motorcycles and cars Starting back in1969
GPS tracks
is taking the adventure and the challenge out of all these off-road events
I Have said it many many times
no pre-running no GPS no air support bring it back down to earth so you don't have to have Millionsof dollars to To be competitive and a chance to win
Any of these off-road races.
Easy Turbo! I've never cut a course in my life and I'm a bike guy! I'm not Lazy, I'm just saying it should be like off road racing was. When roll charts were used in the early Baja races, the course was marked. The early races didnt rely on road books, so I;m not sure what you mean about being competitive.

Just voicing how I feel from a car guys point, I'm not fighting. I've voiced my concerns with Mike P, so I know this is all just racing banter.
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