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The Bellingham title definitely caught my eye, i've lived here for the last 13 years. im 26 now. im new to riding, new to these forums, new to learning how to fix my motorcycle and new to motorcycle blogs/ ride reports. this thread gives me goosebumps. the photos are incredible, the people you've came across are interesting and the way you write about your journey does not get boring or dull. this ride report is truly inspirational and very motivating for myself. i've only been riding for 3 years and im spending this summer (2013) in central washington to work, and hoping to gain more on-bike experience, on and off road, so hopefully next summer, i can take my first long distance trip. Ryan, if you ever come back to Bellingham i would love to meet up and and grab a great PNW microbrew and chat it up and learn some things. hope all is well thanks for such a great story
Cool man! I would love to grab a beer. Its been over a year since ive been in the states but I might get home to visit this summer. Im digging Europe though, not in any hurry to leave, and Spain is blowing my mind for riding.

Ride safe man, take some trips, Ive only been riding for about 6 or 7 years and I am improving all the time. I was new to RRs when I started this one and its been fun.

Update, Ive been busy but ive got more rides planned, morocco didnt work out for this spring but things are going well. Thanks for staying tuned guys and I am still dedicated to riding the world so excuse the break and there will be more stuff down the road!
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