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[QUOTE=Johnf3;21038401]KTM from the factory specs the Dunlop 908 stock on the Baja Adventure with a 4.25 inch rim. Ya figure they might know a little bit about product liability? One company's tire measurement is not the same as another. Motoz specs this tire on rims up to 3.5 inches. You can look at many pictures of these tires mounted up on stock Adventure rims. They are not "quite square". They may not be perfect but they are not dangerous. Many of us have run these tires many years and tens of thousands of miles. 60 psi won't cause a tire to explode while getting it on the bead either.

Are you sure you ride a motorcycle? They are dangerous you know. Just making sure you are aware.[/QUOTE

Nope, I actually I dont ride a motorcycle, I just hang out in the virtual world of motorcycles and post booshit on threads with out researching facts or thinking at all of who might be looking in. The point is dispelling opinions vs. facts. Some people read posts with broad/generalized opinions like "Many of us have run these tires many years and tens of thousands of miles" or "60 psi won't cause a tire to explode while getting it on the bead either" and figure that its fine to do it and they misinterpret opinion as fact.

Yes I ride (a garage full of bikes), pushing the limits at times like most of us do, and I sell and install lots of tires, MotoZ included. If I were to mount a 140/80-18 on the 4.25 ADV rim, and there was a failure or crash- it would likely come back to me, I would or could be liable, or at least named along with everyone else. So Im a little more sensitive to the liability side of the issue, and why I posted the reply to put the facts into consideration. As soon as the manufacturer puts it in print Im on board. I think I was clear that I support making your own choices- Im not telling anyone not to do it, just that its not legitimately safe to do it. And unfortunately there is no deductible for empirical evidence, it will not protect me from liability.

I am aware of KTM putting the 908RR on the 2013 Baja. I was surprised at that choice vs the factory approved tire- 150/70 TKC80. Since that 990 model is a carry over fluffed & buffed for 2013 and only for the North American market, I question if KTM HQ in Austria and their legal department are fully aware of that KTM US is installing under rated tires on the 990 Baja. I'm not sure that these 990 Baja's are coming from Austria with the tires already mounted- (that is a fact we can research). There is no printed information that I have found that states the 908RR is recommended to be mounted on a 4.25 " rim. Currently the 908RR is spec'd for up to a 3.5" rim. Wondering about this weeks ago, I called Dunlop to ask about putting these on a 4.25" rim and the CSR I spoke told me that they could not recommend it. CSR said 4.0 rim width was possible but they still would not endorse or recommend it. I called KTM USA, and asked the same questions, and the CSR I spoke to had virtually no idea about the tire spec, or its limitations. On the KTM website, the 908 is not even spec'd as a factory approved tire. So maybe we're missing some information like Dunlop has made a special tire just for KTM (which they have not), or KTM is putting a 2.5" SE wheel on that bike(which they currently are not). Otherwise they are potentially opening themselves up to liability in the event of a crash claim.

Here are some links to factual data:
KTM Approved Tire List

Dunlop 908 Specs:
KTM: 06 KTM950S & 10 KTM450EXC
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